Preventative Care &
Pet Vaccinations in Greensboro, NC

Just like a doctor does for us humans, the veterinarians at Cardinal Animal Hospital recommend annual lab testing and vaccinations as preventative care for your pet. 

Cardinal Animal Hospital’s veterinarians are experts in which diseases & risks are specific in our area, and choose to vaccinate accordingly. Our team is a trusted source for pet vaccinations in Greensboro, NC

Regular vet visits, with a focus on preventative care, are the best way to extend the life and happiness of your pet. We check your cat or dog for liver function, kidney function and even screen for diabetes! Cardinal Animal Hospital is the top choice for veterinarians in Greensboro, NC because we understand the importance of keeping your furry family member happy and healthy to enjoy a long life together. We recommend annual vet visits with comprehensive examinations by the veterinarian. Annual lab work includes fecal testing, heartworm testing, checking for exposure to ticks, a blood chemistry and CBC. Call us today to schedule a visit!

Dog Vaccinations:

Dog boarding kennels, dog parks and pet grooming salons are all areas where your dog is likely to be exposed to contagious diseases, so be sure to consult with your veterinarian which dog vaccinations are essential for your individual animal. 

Just welcomed a puppy to your family? Bring your new dog in for their first puppy shots. Cardinal’s team is skilled in gentle care for your new puppy and know exactly which puppy vaccinations they need to be safe!

Recommended Schedule for Dog Vaccinations:

  • Every 6 months – intranasal Bordetella vaccine
  • Every year – Leptospirosis vaccine
  • Every 3 years – Distemper vaccine, Hepatitis vaccine, Parvovirus vaccine, Parainfluenza vaccine, Rabies vaccine

Cat Vaccinations:

To protect your cat from contagious diseases, keep their cat vaccinations up-to-date. This is important even if your cat is kept mostly indoors. Many contagious diseases are airborne and your cat could easily be exposed through an open window. There is also always a risk that your cat could accidentally slip out the door.

Recommended Schedule for Cat Vaccinations:

  • Every year – Purevax Rabies vaccine, feline Leukemia vaccine 
  • Every 3 years – feline distemper vaccine, rhinotracheitis vaccine

What to bring when pet boarding:

  • We recommend that you bring your pet’s normal food with them. A sudden food change can cause an upset stomach and unnecessary stress to the GI system. If you do forget to bring food, we feed Hill’s Science Diet.
  • Your pet’s most current vaccination history.
  • For more information on cat or dog boarding, visit our pet boarding page.

To schedule your pet for a vet visit in Greensboro, NC, please call us at 336-668-9475.