Pet Boarding in Greensboro, NC

dog boarding in greensboro, nc
Do you enjoy traveling but are worried about finding trustworthy pet boarding? Cardinal Animal Hospital offers overnight pet boarding and day boarding. We provide the highest quality care and attention; just like we would treat our own pets! Due to limited availabilty, boarding is offered exclusively to our current clientele.

For Dog Boarding:

We are often told that Cardinal Animal Hospital is one of the best places for affordable dog boarding in Greensboro, NC. We have two separate areas for dog boarding; a room specifically for dogs under 50 pounds and an area for dogs over 50 pounds. The dog kennels are sized accordingly so your dog will have plenty of room to move around and sleep comfortably. We have a safe, enclosed area for walking and playing with your dogs, giving them plenty of exercise!

For Cat Boarding:

At Cardinal Animal Hospital, we know a calm environment is essential for cat boarding. Our cat boarding room is in a quiet area away from loud noises and high traffic. Unlike other places that offer cat boarding in Greensboro, NC, feline companions enjoy cat condos with a window view of our garden and bird feeder.

What to bring when pet boarding:

  • We recommend that you bring your pet’s normal food with them. A sudden food change can cause an upset stomach and unnecessary stress to the GI system. If you do forget to bring food, we feed Hill’s Science Diet.
  • Your pet’s most current vaccination history.

Add-on packages for pet boarding:

We offer “add-on” packages for any cat or dog boarding trip. The packages include a variety of activities ranging from addional time outdoors to special bedtime treats. Ask us about our current offerings as they are subject to change seasonally.