Digital Imaging


Radiographs, or x-rays, can be very important in diagnosing an illness when your pet is feeling unwell. In the past, traditional film radiography took a substantial amount of time to take and process, and could often add stress to the patient’s visit. Luckily, new technology has been introduced to make your pet’s time at the vet less stressful; digital radiography!

Cardinal Animal Hospital is now thrilled to offer digital radiography for our patients! We had our ImageVue CR20 digital imaging system installed in February 2019 and the quality of the image is very sharp and detailed. A digital radiograph only takes about 30 seconds to process, therefore, that is much less time that your pet has to spend on the x-ray table. We feel that this makes a significant impact in reducing the amount of stress for the patient.

Digital radiography also gives us the capability to email images or save them to disk for easy transportation. We also have the option to send the image to a telemedicine specialty team if we feel that the radiograph needs to be further reviewed by a specialist. These digital images are also the highest quality for doctor interpretation.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the technology of the ever changing and growing veterinary field. If you have any additional questions regarding digital radiography, please give us a call at 336-668-9475.