There are many reasons why, as pet owners, we should consider getting our pets groomed. Most pets need to be groomed, not only to look their best, but to feel their best. Regular grooming has many health benefits including early detection of any changes in your pet’s physical appearance. Grooming also helps to keep your pet’s coat and skin in top shape. Brushing and bathing helps remove dead skin cells and hair, plus will help add that extra “shine.” 

We are pleased to offer our clients exceptional grooming services for their pets! Our groomer, Kathy, graduated from NC A&T with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and then chose to attend the Southern Institute of Grooming. She has been a groomer for over 25 years and is highly skilled at all aspects of grooming.

What does a grooming include?

All grooming at Cardinal Animal Hospital includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and external anal gland expression. Our groomer can help determine if and what kind of haircut your pet may need if you are unsure. Photos are extremely helpful if you would like your pet groomed in a particular style.

When can I bring my pet for grooming appointment?

Kathy will groom your pet by appointment only. She is available Monday through Saturday. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 336-668-9475.

What if my pet has short hair and doesn’t need a haircut? Can I bring them in for a bath?

If your pet merely needs a bath and brush out, that is something that our highly trained kennel staff can do! They have all been trained to determine what kind of shampoo best suits certain coats and they have excellent and gentle handling skills. Each bath at Cardinal Animal Hospital includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, and brush out; not to mention how fabulous your pet will smell!