Dental health is so important for pets; it is just as important as it is for humans! When a pet develops dental disease, bacteria can travel into the bloodstream and cause a multitude of problems. But, never fear! There are some things that you can do to keep dental disease far away!

Ways to help prevent dental disease:

  • Brushing your pet’s teeth daily, or as often as possible. Some pets actually enjoy having their teeth brushed! Just be sure to use a toothpaste made specifically for cats and dogs. 
  • Giving your pets high performing dental treats or chews (Oravet, C.E.T. dental chews, etc.)
  • Feeding a dry food diet. Dry food is better for your pet’s teeth because they have to bite down into the crunchy kibble and this can help remove dental calculus. Royal Canin and Hill’s manufacture diets specifically for improving dental health!
  • Yearly comprehensive examinations by a veterinarian

Even when you do all of the above preventive tips, dental disease can still occur. When this is the case, the veterinarian will determine when it is time for a professional dental cleaning. During a professional dental cleaning, the pet will need to be under anesthesia. While anesthesia may seem scary, we take every precaution to keep your pet safe such as preanesthetic bloodwork, IV fluids, and an ECG prior to anesthesia. 

A dental cleaning is a procedure that requires your pet to be here for the majority of the day. This ensures that they will have adequate time to recover from the anesthesia before returning home. If you have any questions about dental procedures or would like to schedule your pet for a comprehensive exam to evaluate dental health, please give us a call at 336-668-9475.